OVER/UNDER: Quarterback

“Over/Under” is a glance at a pair of players at each position; one who TDR believes in overrated, and one who we believe is underrated. 

N.C. State QB Mike Glennon

N.C. State QB Mike Glennon

OVER: Mike Glennon, North Carolina State

It’s easy to look at Glennon and salivate over his size (6-7, 232), much like Brock Osweiler last year.  But that’s about where my favor ends for a QB who is being billed as a top-tier prospect projected to go somewhere in the 2nd round.

It’s not that there’s not more to like about Glennon, but there are just too many question marks and inconsistencies when you put on the tape for an NFL team to use a premium pick on him and hope that he would start anytime soon.  Glennon’s experience in a pro-style offense is definitely a plus, but his accuracy is spotty at best, and much like with Osweiler, some worry that he could actually be too tall, impacting his athleticism and ability to negotiate the pocket.

It’s not that I don’t think he could develop into an NFL starter, but I think he can only do that if he ends up in a situation similar to that of Osweiler, as a matter of fact: spending a couple of years backing up an entrenched star who can give him the time to develop into a more consistent signal-caller.


Miami (OH) QB Zac Dysert

Miami (OH) QB Zac Dysert

UNDER: Zac Dysert, Miami (OH)

Dysert carries some of the typical knocks of mid-to-late-round quarterbacks: smaller school/inferior competition and playing in a spread offense rather than a more pro-style attack.  But a close look at the tape, especially against teams like Ohio State last year, reveals a prospect who has all the tools to succeed as a field general at the next level.

Dysert has a clean, compact release and more than enough arm strength to make all the necessary throws.  He has great pocket presence, including great strength and balance to shake off pass rushers and keep plays alive.  He shows fluid movement and great accuracy when throwing on the run, and doesn’t make many bad decisions as a result of not being able to process what the defense is giving him.

Especially when considering his projected draft spot, Dysert is a guy who could come in with very little pressure and expectation, and could comfortably settle into an attractive starting opportunity with a team whose system fits his skill set.





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